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Beauty Tips

FOR THOSE WHO WANT LOVELY LIPS!... I've got a great tip for those who, like me, tend to get dry and even cracked lips. Firstly, drink lots of water on a regular basis to keep yourself hydrated. Secondly, BEFORE you go into the shower (or bath as long as you get in there while the water is running to lap up the steam) put on some Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly on your lips and keep it on until you finish your bath or shower. When you come out you will see a whitish film on your lips. This is a good thing! Then wet a wash cloth with warm water and gently rub your lips until you get that whitish film and some dead skin off. Not only will your lips come out soft and smooth ( and kissable :) ), but your nice, natural lip color will shine through! S.W.A.K!

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Skin care Tip by Syrena